Tank Cleaning

distribution fuel tank cleaning

Typical fuel distribution and storage terminal

PPSI personnel have over 50 years of combined tank cleaning experience in a variety of tanks that contain various products. This cleaning experience includes tanks inside refineries, distribution terminals, factories, and electrical generation plants, as well as on board US Naval and commercial ships. We approach every project, regardless of size, with the same focus and goal in mind; the completion deadline and the final product that exudes quality for all our customers at a competitive price.

There are several reasons that a tank may need to be taken out of service and cleaned. Some of the reasons include but are not limited to; changing of product, a scheduled outage for removal of buildup & contaminates, Federal & State mandated requirements such as API-653 inspections, unexpected repairs, and permanent removal from service due to age or extensive damage that is not cost effective to repair. In this industry, we realize the importance of minimizing downtime and associated lost revenue. Therefore, we have adopted new innovative ways to approach any given tank cleaning project. We believe that the most successful way to complete a tank cleaning project is to apply past knowledge with new technology. This method begins with a superior initial plan. We realize tank cleaning projects can often be complicated; therefore, we evaluate every aspect of a project to determine the most effective way to complete the work. Our tank cleaning staff is well equipped and specializes in cleaning potable water, aviation fuel, gasoline, diesel, heavy fuel oils (No. 6, Bunker C, NSFO, and Crude), caustic, and acid tanks.

The founders of PPSI each have personal experience at every level from a tank cleaning technician to project manager. Our personnel are trained and experienced in every facet of their responsibility and involvement on any project. At PPSI we believe that a good tank cleaning technician is not hired but created over years of experience on a variety of projects and training in a classroom setting. We pride ourselves with well trained crews and their ability to provide the customer with service that is second to none. Although PPSI is a small business, we use a third-party training programs that provide confined space and safety training and ensures we remain in compliance with OSHA and industry standards.

We are pleased to provide the following tank cleaning services:

  • Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST)
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST)
  • Water Towers
  • Shipboard Storage, Cargo, and Ballast Tanks
  • Oil / Water Separators (OWS), Pits, Sumps, and Trenches
  • Utility Manholes and Vaults
  • Sewage and Waste Water Lift Stations
  • Storm Sewer Collection Areas
  • Surface preparation for coating application (Black light quality)
  • Hot & Cold Water Blasting
gasoline tank cleaning

Crewmember exiting gasoline tank with supplied air equipment.

tank sludge removal

Removing sludge from a wet well by water washing.

clean interior of fuel tank

Interior of fuel storage tank after pressure washing and degreaser application.

Bulk storage tanks located at Al Dhafra Air Base, Qatar.

Bulk storage tanks located at Al Dhafra Air Base, Qatar.

Bulk storage tanks located at Al Dhafra Air Base, Qatar.

Bulk storage tanks located at Al Dhafra Air Base, Qatar.