Industrial Cleaning

In today’s world it is not hard to get behind on good house keeping within an industrial facility. Over time a small spill or build up of product can become a liability, possibly even slowing production. There may not be any time or only a short outage to accomplish any cleaning. That is where we can help.

PPSI offers a variety methods to accomplish the clean up of structures, machinery, equipment, that have been contaminated from an accident or just day to day routine use. Utilizing a series of cleaning methods from high pressure washing to the removal of wet or dry products by high powered vacuum systems, we are prepared to accomplish any task without the compromise of safety.

At the completion of a site inspection PPSI will generate a defined scope of work that will include our recommendations to accomplish the required cleaning while minimizing the impact to customer production. This can be accomplished by scheduling work during off peak hours or close coordination with the facility operator to schedule cleaning in specific areas that will have minimal impact on production.

We are pleased to provide the following industrial cleaning services:

  • ​Exhaust Fans
  • Paper & Print Machines / Process Equipment
  • Water Filtration Equipment & Carbon Vessels
  • Equipment Repair Shops
  • Silos & Drains / Cooling Towers
  • Superstructures & Exhaust Stacks
  • Paint Booths and Gratings
  • Rail Car Load-Out Areas
  • Conveyors / Plant Decontamination

Our industrial cleaning services also include:

  • Safe use of industrial cleaning chemicals and degreasers.
  • High pressure water blasting.
  • Vacuum removal of solids & liquids.
  • Waste collection, transportation, & disposal.
hydraulic oil removal

Removing hydraulic oil from the surface of a training facility after a hose rupture.

contaminate removal

Chemical application and contaminate removal.

well wall oil stain removal

Blasting oil stains from wet well wall.

High Pressure Water Jet Pipeline Cleaning

Another facet of industrial cleaning is water jet pipeline cleaning. High pressure water blasting and flushing is accomplished by a high pressure nozzle and hose. The nozzle is designed to pull itself and the hose through the subject pipeline. The water jets are pre-positioned on the nozzle to wash the pipe interior walls as it travels through. This jetting action can be accomplished with hot or cold water and includes an option for injection of various chemicals or cutters to aid in the breakdown of contaminates during the cleaning process. This method is most effective for short pipelines up to 300’ in length, perfect for most process pipeline sections.